Category: pentest

CVE-2016-2183 remediation

CVE-2016-2183: SSL/TLS: Report Vulnerable Cipher Suites for HTTPS This vulnerability can be remediated using group policy. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > SSL ...

nmap Cheat Sheet

Nmap Cheat Sheet Finding all live device on a network nmap -sP | awk '/is up/ {print up}; {gsub (/\(|\)/,""); up = $NF}' TCP ...

Saved Windows Credentials

To list all saved password in windows credentials cmdkey /list To view the actual password runas /savecred /user:<username> cmd

Command and powershell History

To view powershell history, use the command below. %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\PSReadline\ConsoleHost_history.txt For powershell use $Env:userprofile

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